SM Earth Day celebration focuses on trash segregation

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Trash segregation takes center stage to foster proper waste management as SM Supermalls spearheads the celebration of Earth Day (April 22) in 60 SM Malls in the Philippines.

The nation’s biggest nationwide chain of malls has been at the forefront of promoting proper waste management in Filipino households via the “Trash-to-Cash Recycling Market” introduced in 2007 and is held every first Friday and Saturday of the month at all SM malls.

SM Supermalls, through Trash-to-Cash event, enjoins households to collect and sort out their household recyclable throwaways– paper, plastic, metal, and glass waste—and turn these to cash.

Picture7 Picture5001 (6)SMOL_EARTH DAY 2016__Picture1001 (8)The support of Filipino households point to the success of Trash-to-Cash—in 2016 alone, the program was able to recycle over a million kilos of paper, or the equivalent of pulp that can be processed into paper from 18,452 seven-year old trees.

With SM’s Trash-to-Cash firmly in place to highlight responsible solid waste management as a daily task, the SM challenge to make every day as a celebration of Earth Day is slowly gaining foothold in Filipino homes.

In conjunction with the April 22 celebration of Earth Day and as part of the 406th Foundation Anniversary commemoration of the University of Santo Tomas, the UST College of Education (CE), College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD), and UST Museum, in partnership with SM Cares and SM Supermalls, presents collaborative project, “Likhang-Bayan Year 9: UST’s SweetART” fusing two advocacies: care for the environment and preservation and propagation of “pabalat,” a traditional Filipino art form.

The exhibit (April 22 at the 3rd floor City Center, SM North EDSA, Quezon City) aims to heighten environmental consciousness and emphasizes man’s unique role as “steward of God’s creation.” It also aims to deepen appreciation for traditional Filipino arts as cultural treasures and encourages people to take part in their preservation and propagation.

Designs featuring flora, fauna, scenery, and environmental mottoes will be showcased. Upcycling and photography projects of UST Interior Design, Industrial Design and Advertising Arts students, respectively, will also be included in the exhibit. Exhibit viewers may reserve a featured artwork for purchase, which can be claimed during egress. All proceeds will go to tree-planting initiatives of the UST Simbahayan and SM Cares.

SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation Inc., is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of SM Prime Holdings, Inc. Its advocacies include Programs on Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, Women and Breastfeeding, Children and Youth, OFW (or SM Global Pinoy), Social Entrepreneurship and Environment and Sustainability.