People and the Community

SM Cares focuses on serving the customer and the community where every SM mall operates. The people in the community and in the mall – most especially the marginalized sectors of society – are given a voice and opportunity to be heard, through the various activities and initiatives of SM Cares.

Its year-round programs are partnered with related Government Organizations and NGOs. Together, they give a holistic experience for each of the special groups that they care for.

With people and the environment as their two main focal points, SM Prime aims to strengthen the fiber of economic growth while empowering more communities where they operate.

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SM Cares is committed to making every SM Mall, a mall for all. We want everyone to have the same fun and privileges as everybody else as we create a barrier-free environment, similarly providing a place where customers with special needs feel safe and welcome.

SM builds our all-access malls with tiny feet in mind, and upgrades existing ones to include the latest in child-proof technology. This means we make sure all our facilities are children-friendly. We have guard rails in escalators and step guides throughout the building. Facilities are designed with kiddie sizes from restrooms to emergency buttons to payphones.

We support and encourage breastfeeding in the country. SM Supermalls promote breastfeeding in the malls as well as in the workplace for nursing mothers. We also host various exhibits, forums and discussions on parenting issues.

Our SM Global Pinoy Program is our way of honouring our modern heroes by serving them and helping improve their lives by bringing them closer to home.

We work on ensuring our senior citizens are well-integrated in the community. SM goes beyond offering senior citizens courtesy lanes. We design programs that encourage the elderly to be more active, engaged and social.