How to be a modern day lolo and lola thru technology

Did you know that the number of Facebook users aged 65 and above has increased by almost 20 percent in 2018? The research agency We Are Social has recorded 76 million senior citizens who are presently connected through social media.

The rapid rise of seniors adopting new technology comes as no surprise as we constantly move towards the digital age. While some resist it or find it intimidating, technology should be embraced as a helpful tool in putting our lives at ease. With the proper guide and assistance, seniors can accomplish even more productivity through the use of technology.

Here is how you can make the most out of technology as a senior citizen:

  1. Use technology as a means for people to find and contact you

Similar to how a telephone directory was used back in the day to reach a certain person, the internet provides a means for people to reach you, and vice versa. One quick search of your name and contact details would easily allow people from all parts of the world to get in touch with you. Similarly, you can use it to find old friends, classmates, relatives, and bring back old connections!

  1. You can use it to constantly keep in touch with family members and loved ones

Back then, reaching your loved ones especially the ones abroad often took a lot of time and money. With the help of the internet, communicating with our loved ones has never been easier and more convenient! Messaging apps such as Messenger and Viber allow instant communication, enhanced with great features such as video calling and sharing of photos and videos. In short, you can stay instantly updated with your loved ones and never miss out on any special events, regardless of the distance.

  1. Capture your memories through pictures which are now saved digitally

Taking pictures are a great way of preserving memories, and luckily they can now be kept safe through the use of technology. With digital cameras and smartphone cameras, you can easily capture moments worth remembering, and even share them for others to see. Even old photos from your wedding or other memorable occasions can be kept digitally so you won’t need to worry about your photos fading or being destroyed.

  1. Keep your health in check and stay fit

There are various ways you can use technology in maintaining your health. For those who are taking medication, alarms at the prescribed time can be set to serve as a reminder to drink your medicine. Those wanting to get in shape can check out apps which track your steps and get you walking as a form of exercise. The internet also offers various resources for exercises which seniors can do, as well as dietary and nutritional information.

  1. Use technology to gain information and learn about any subject

The internet makes it possible to freely access information. Being informed with things like the current weather, to the latest news, to the winning lottery numbers can be done with the touch of a hand. More importantly, this technology allows everyone, including the seniors to gain more knowledge on any subject under the sun! Whether you want to learn how to cook, or how to be a developer, various tutorials and online courses offer virtual lessons to widen your knowledge and mastery.

  1. Entertain yourself with videos, music and games

Let’s not forget the more fun aspects of technology. Easily conquer boredom by watching videos, listening to music and playing games on mobile phones and computers. While others think they are too old to be playing games, it can actually serve as a great stress-reliever and be a source of bonding for you and your kids and grandkids.

  1. Express yourself and inspire others with the help of technology!

Seniors possess great wisdom which many people especially the youth need to hear. Technology can serve as a great avenue for sharing your stories and inspiring other people. More than just your stories, you can share your talents for more people to see and appreciate.

More and more seniors are slowly integrating technology into their daily lives, and for good reason. Technology and the use of gadgets is something seniors shouldn’t be intimated by. With an open mind any lolo or lola can be more productive and reap the benefits of technology!

With technology having the power to hold nearly the whole world in one’s hand, occasions such as birthdays and Grandparents’ Day can now be celebrated with family members from all parts of the globe!

Every year, SM Cares recognizes our beloved seniors’ tenderness towards the family, and celebrates Grandparents’ Day at all SM Supermalls. The season celebrates the guiding love brought by grandparents and through a host of fun-filled activities like bonding moments with their apos through arts and crafts, and special fitness programs.