Let’s keep road safe for kids. Here are few ways to start.

Let’s keep road safe for kids. Here are few ways to start.

With the number of registered vehicles increasing each year, and an equally growing number of road incidents being recorded, utmost vigilance and alertness is needed while on the road.

In a study from the World Health Organization, it was revealed that road crash injuries are among the top causes of mortality for children. From 2006 to 2014, an average of 671 Filipino children died each year due to road crashes; and among the children, the most vulnerable are those between 5 to 14 years old.

As we celebrate National Safe Kids Week in the Philippines on the third week of June, let’s take the following precautions in order to secure kids on the road, and save lives.

Teach kids the proper way of crossing the street

Ensuring your kids’ safety on the road starts by setting a good example. Teach your children how to be a safe pedestrian by following simple rules such as walking on the pedestrian lane, looking left and right before crossing, and walking—instead of running when on the street. It is important to acquaint them with these safety measures and reinforce them daily, especially when walking to and from their school, in order for them to practice these habits until adulthood.

Educate them on the meaning of street signs

Being the model of our kids’ behavior, we must make sure to set the proper example of following street signs and traffic rules. While on the road, we can teach them the meaning of the different traffic lights, as well as the signages that indicate that crossing is not allowed. By teaching them these restrictions at an early age, we can raise them to be law-abiding citizens as well.

Remind them to keep their eyes on the road

Nothing is more important than keeping ones’ eyes on the road both for pedestrians and drivers. Many cases of distracted driving have been recorded in the past, majority of which were caused by looking at mobile phones. It’s highly essential that we teach our tech-savvy kids to not be distracted by their phones while crossing as it can be dangerous both to them, and to motorists on the road.

Install child safety seats

Parents are advised to install child safety seats which are designed to protect infants and young children from fatal injuries in the event of a crash, and help reduce injuries. The seats are specially built according to a child’s size and weight, and must be properly fitted inside the vehicle. While these may come at a price, your child’s utmost safety is a non-negotiable concern.

Follow road safety laws

Several laws have been mandated to promote road safety. Among these laws are the strict implementation of allowable speed limits, mandatory use of seat-belt, anti-distracted driving; as well as motorcycle safety laws which require the use of a helmet, and the Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015, which states that only children who can comfortably reach their feet on the standard foot peg of the motorcycle and grasp the waist of the driver are allowed to ride motorcycles. These laws were created to protect motorists on the road, and so must they be implemented and followed by each one of us in order to maintain order and save lives, especially those of our children.

Experts say that road crashes are one of the top health problems which can be prevented. Through proper awareness and education, let’s minimize road-related incidents, and keep our roads safe for kids.