Life After 60

Many people approach the sixties as if it were a hazard to slow them down; but on the contrary, it is in this age that perks take full swing, and life can be enjoyed to the fullest!

Read up and find out how you can make the most out life after 60!

  1. Delight yourself with all the dining discounts

Bringing out your senior citizen ID will become a reflex when dining out, as you get to enjoy the perks that your ID comes with. Enjoy your food with 20% discount, best enjoyed with the excellent company of your friends and loved ones.

  1. Enjoy the comfort of priority Lanes

Long lines are a thing of the past once you reach your sixties, as you’re accompanied straight to the priority lane. Whether at the grocery, airport, government offices, as well in parking spaces, you are always number 1.

  1. Travel for less

Whether traveling by land, air or sea, your senior citizen ID comes extremely handy! 20% off all transportation fare means you can travel more, at less cost.

  1. Avail of discounted rates at hotels, and recreation centers

In addition to discounted travel, the fun never stops at 60 with discounts offered at hotels, lodging establishments, recreation centers, concert halls, cinema houses, and theatres.

  1. Have medical services at a discount

Because health is wealth, one of the top priorities for senior citizens is keeping their health in top shape. One benfit they can enjoy are discounted medical and dental services, in all recognized institutions. Aside from this, they are also entitled to 20% discount on the purchase of medicines and other medical supplies.

  1. Find meaningful employment

Many people who have reached the golden age of 60 have found absolutely no reason to stop making a living for their family. This is the reason many still seek employment beyond the years of their retirement. SM Cares, through the Senior Citizens Casual Employment Programs aims to help senior citizens by providing them casual and part-time work assignments, promoting productive use of their skills and abilities.

Indeed, reaching 60 is no reason to slow down, but instead, gear up towards having the best years of one’s life.