Making the Most of Being an OFW


Most people only pay attention to the results of hard work of an OFW: material possessions, hard earned savings, and financial freedom which most of them enjoy. Many think that OFWs are having the time of their lives abroad: splurging, sight-seeing, and making foreign friends.
What most people don’t realize are the labor and sacrifices that each OFW pay as they build a better way of life for their families. Along with this comes the challenges, early financial struggles, and the loneliness they have to endure working away from home.
OFWs have long been the model of modern-day heroism. Each OFW is a hero for injecting Filipino pride into every job they enter, lifting one family at a time, and contributing majorly in the exponential growth of the country’s economy.
While many are daunted by the distance of working away from home, here are ways to make the most out of being an OFW:

1. Communicate regularly with family, use technology to be virtually together

The saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” rings true for OFWs, their families, and long distance relationships. Unlike the earlier decades when you had to wait for the letters to arrive, or spend heaps for an international call, technology now enables you to be with your loved ones at almost no cost. Through the internet and various messaging apps, you can be together virtually. For special occasions, family gatherings, or everyday events, making voice and video calls are already in your hands.


2. Make instant friends within the Filipino community

It’s no secret that in all places around the world, Filipino communities thrive. You can visit a foreign country, and hear someone speak Filipino/other dialects, you immediately know you have a connection. Filipino communities in foreign countries tend to be very tightly knit, helping each other out in times of need, and foster the real sense of “pakikipagkapwa” and “bayanihan.”



3. Meet people from all walks of life

Aside from meeting fellow Filipinos, OFWs also get to have the rich experience of meeting people from all walks of life, from different nationalities, and different backgrounds. This enables them to broaden their perspective and immerse themselves in different cultures and beliefs.


4. Enjoy much celebrated homecomings

Once you go home, you can smell the lechon, and see the banners welcoming you home. Your homecoming is important to the whole family, and sometimes even to the whole barangay! The fruits of your hard work are celebrated and much appreciated.


5. Make the most out of exclusive shopping perks

While most OFWs are known to send balikbayan boxes full of pasalubong to their family back home, numerous shopping perks and privileges can also be enjoyed by OFWs and their families at all SM Supermalls!


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