Artworks created by the local Tausugs, student art enthusiasts , and soldiers from Marine Battalion Landing Team 1 of Sulu province go on exhibit at the Atrium, SM Aura Premier in Makati to bring to the fore the creative talents of Sulu.

The exhibit with the theme “Sulu Art for Peace” opens on April 26 and aims to present that Sulu is not just a war-stricken land, but it is one rich with culture and tradition, largely unappreciated and has yet to be shown to wider audiences.

“Sulu Art for Peace,” a joint undertaking of GO Negosyo, Philippine Marine Corps, SM Aura and SM Cares, seeks to remove a misunderstanding that Sulu is a dangerous place, and such should not be a deterrent in appreciating the island-province, its people, innate beauty, and heritage.

“Sulu has produced the likes of National Artist for Sculpture Dr. Abdulmari Asia Imao who is also a painter, photographer, ceramist, cultural researcher, documentary film maker, writer, and a patron of Philippine Muslim art and culture– and he has regaled audiences with the okkil (geometric design), sarimanok (bird of plenty) and naga (serpent) motifs in his works. Who knows if this exhibit may yet uncover another top-caliber artist?” stressed SM officials.

“SM, as a member of the Filipino community, supports this initiative by the children and people of Sulu, as they promote peace, beauty, its people and its culture,” they added.